"Through the transformative power of healing you are able to live the quality of life you desire and deserve." ~Dr. Keller 


Welcome to my website. I hope it provides you with information

that you are looking for, as you search for the right therapist.

Trying to find the right counselor is often quite difficult and confusing.

It is a highly personal decision and requires serious consideration.

The following information is designed to help you understand

the process and what you might expect from counseling with me.


My philosophy is based on the belief that all individuals have within them the innate ability to change,

transform and develop a life of meaning and purpose.

By providing an environment of dignity, safety, and compassion,

individuals are able to overcome fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs and barriers.  

By synchronizing a holistic approach of the mind,

body, emotion & spirit, the healing process

is allowed to permeate at many levels,

resulting in overall change, freedom & well-being.

Therapeutic Process

While engaged in the therapeutic process, with me you can expect:

 ○     A safe, secure and confidential environment.
     Tools and strategies that utilize your strengths to overcome difficulties.
     Compassionate methods to assist in your overall healing.

Specializing in Life Transitions 

○     Anxiety

○     Depression

○     Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

○     Addictions

○     Trauma

○     Life Transitions

○     Stress Management